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NBA 2K14 PS4 My Career – The All-Star Game!

January 10, 2014 3:51 pm32 commentsViews: 201

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Question by sally: How come of the four major team sports, the NBA is the only one that people accuse of being rigged?
I just find this odd. What is it about the NBA, that some people treat it like professional wrestling, and think the outcome is predetermined.

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Answer by Rob K
It could have something to do with the fact that ex-ref Tim Donaghy was involved in betting on games, and giving favorable calls to the team’s he and his associates had money on. Other then that, there’s no factual evidence the NBA is fixed. People tend to like to make jokes on it, because of their disdain for David Stern, and his love for money. For example, it was common last year to say “The NBA wants Lakers/Celtics Finals.” For money, of course, they probably did. Does that mean it was all rigged? Definitely not. Now this year it’ll be “The NBA wants LeBron/Kobe.” If it happens, is it because it was rigged? Nope. It’s just a little banter people often make when their teams don’t get there or don’t produce. Someone or something always has to be a scapegoat.

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  • zZeLitEproductions

    How are you so good at 3 point shooting I cant hardly hit 10 feet jumper on
    this game

  • 11 LOBSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rose aint safe anywhere

  • Phoenix Murphy-Carlson

    Rose gets injured even in video games

  • Gustavo Souza

    Rose injured…ohhhh the realism of next gen hahahahahahahhaha

  • Plz number episodes

  • Lob central

  • Lebron Salvage

    This game is so surreal because if rose getting injured on the first game

  • wade is so old

    why is blake griffins skin dark hes white 

  • whats your attributes at for your dunks and layups?

  • BroskiCouchGuys123

    Any team chris smoove is in turns into lob city

  • LeBron was the only one catching lobs on the east. Lol sad

  • Chandler Jacobs

    What kinda move is that

  • That was crazy

  • K.T.G. Medusa

    Lob star game

  • Is next gen for ps3

  • Frozen Pepper

    It is 2013 because in 2k it is one year before not the current plus the
    2014 all stat game didn’t happen yet

  • Shoyan Daniel

    Chris smoove I got tread for pelican


  • They would have d rose get injured in the all star game.

  • Livestream playoffs?

  • Dwight was crying at press conference

  • willy paquiot

    It would be funny if Derrick Rose’s injury is a Torn ACL/Meniscus.

  • Jonathan Webb

    More lob city music please

  • Oh, I’ve seen plenty of accusations for the other major sports being rigged. Basketball isn’t alone.

    But there is the fact that the NBA is the only major sport where an official has actually pled guilty to providing information to gamblers and is strongly suspected of actually fixing games. That makes baskeball a little harder to defend… we know it’s happened before, how can we be sure it’s not happening now?

  • The thing that is different about the NBA is that in basketball more than any other a game can be controlled by the refs. That is why people think that and always blame the refs, but the NBA is not rigged and the refs don’t control the game. Overall the refs do a good job.

  • Tim Donaghy is a perfect example. The refs have too great an influence in who wins the games.

  • The inconsistency of the refs and the guy donaghy who was betting on games.

  • JC45 (Celtics 61-20)

    I would think baseball, because Manny Ramirez almost was in the World Series with the Dodgers and might have been against the Red Sox. That would have sold more tickets. But NBA is real, if it wasn’t why would their be hard fouls and injuries.

  • All sports have been accused of being rigged. However, the NBA is most believable b/c the referees have so much power to change the game and instant replay is only used at the end of quarters to determine if a shot was good. There seems to be no checks and balances on referees who treat players differently b/c of their status in the game. Also, in an article on ESPN it was noted that it is well known that some referees let their personal conflict with players influence their decisions on calling fouls or technicals. For instance, that was one of the ways that Tim Donaughy determined who was going to win. All I can say is that it is really hard for a team to win if they do not have a star player.

  • The Voice of Reason

    Because of one a8shole of a ref who had a gambling addiction.
    Because of the fact that the refs have alot of influnce on the game, because so many calls/non-calls are subjective. Let’s face it a ‘foul’ can be called on virtually everyplay, every game. Not to mention walking/traveling which are both prevailent in the leauge, as well as palming, carrying, 3 seconds, etc…
    And the biggest because is that pathetic so-called ‘fans’ are always looking to blame somebody for their team losing. It’s never the teams fault. It’s always the refs in their eyes. it’s sad and pathetic, but that’s the way they see it. Laker fans are the worst….kobe craps gold bars you know, he can’t do any wrong.

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